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Do You Want To Be An AUCTIONEER?

You can do BOTH - Florida Auctioneer Academy shows you how
Florida Auctioneer Academy produces auctioneers
 Good Auctioneers !
  •  They chant so people can understand the numbers
  •  They know the basics of setting up and running an auction business
  • They know how to sell to people one-on-one in the auction ring to produce higher bids
  • They know how to make money honestly, no need to take bids 'off the wall' or use shills
  • Read what the National Auctioneers Association says about Career's

All states have laws covering auctions. Many have auction license laws, and many more are preparing similar legislation. Florida Auctioneer Academy teaches law, along with the Uniform Commercial Code, which auctioneers in every state need to know. We have taught basic Auctioneering since 1984 and we still do. Most state examinations include general Auctioneering practices as well as law questions, so taking a 'just the law' course doesn't cut it. Come to the auction school that gives you what you need, and as a bonus, gives you a vacation destination. 

You can do something positive today to better your future.

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Our 37th Year
  2024 Class Dates:
January 19 - 28
April 19 - 28
July 12 - 21
October 18 - 27


All Classes are held at the Port Saint Lucie Location (near Stuart FL)

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